Extreme Weather and Intruder Protection

SteelClad SAFE ROOMSTM are built of incredibly tough plate steel with structural channels welded every two feet. The safe room is anchored to your slab using foundation anchors, lag anchors or epoxy set anchors. SteelClad SAFE ROOMSTM are designed to be encased in steel reinforced concrete for superior protection against flying debris and projectiles.

Outside face of FEMA designed SteelClad door

Inside face of FEMA designed SteelClad door

The FEMA approved door incorporates two layers of 20 gauge steel. The door is clad with a layer of 14 gauge steel on one side. Three heavy duty hinges and three industrial strength deadbolts ensures the door stays in place during extreme winds and resists prying from the exterior.

Built Strong and Built to Last 

SteelClad SAFE ROOMSTM can be installed in a new home, as a room addition to an existing home, integral to commercial structures or as a stand alone above ground building. Each SteelClad SAFE ROOMTM is customized to include your desired lighting and amenities like telephone jacks, electrical outlets and ventilation for central heating and air conditioning.


Your best above ground protection

SteelClad SAFE ROOMSTM are your best above ground protection in the event of tornadoes, hurricanes and unwelcome intruders. They provide quick access with easy locking and unlocking from the inside.

Use as a closet, pantry or even a home theater

The interior of an 8 x 12 SteelClad SAFE ROOM gets a high rating from an Oklahoma Future Farmers of America group visiting the State Fair of Texas. SteelClad SAFE ROOMS may be used as a master bedroom closet, a pantry, storage room, home theater or any room where windows are not needed.

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